Active Carbon Non-Woven Fabric Has Good Adsorption,Thin thickness and good air permeability

Black Point

Black toner production for a variety of printers

Laser Printer MY

Production of Laser Printer and Laser Cartridge with Brand "MY" in Anzali FreeZone


Color toner production for a variety of printers

Carbon Black MY

Pure carbon with a thermal tolerance higher than 700 ° C for various industrial uses, including rubber production and high temperature bearing parts, automotive parts and heavy duty vehicles of the European standard

Banner Jet MY

Production of a variety of jet banner ink, Out door printer in two grades

A) Types of ink available on the market, It is erased by the light of the sun, its red color and its blue color (based on the

chemical segment)

B) Nano-composite banner printing that is 100% resistant to sunlight (based on mineral)

Solvent My

OutDoor solvent types for OutDoor printers and banner printing

Ink Jet MY

Generate a variety of outdoor jet printers for different devices

PhotoGlass MY

Production of various types of photoglass paper in size A4 with various applications in different grades

ElectroStatic Color

Production of all kinds of electrostatic colors with high moisture tolerance and softness and tolerance of press (pressed) with high tolerance to oxidation of base metals

Pigment Granule

Production of pigment based on carbon black to combine with polypropylene polymer. In certain cases with very high thermal tolerance

Bancknote coating

bancknote coating for Reinforcing Banknotes and Longevity of Banknotes Based

Paper and paperboard Coating

Gluing paper and paperboard coating materials and consulting in the creation of coating equipment

Essence Drinks

Coca Cola and Pepsi essence production

kind of wood and metal polishing paper

Technical knowledge in the production of all types of wood and metal sanding

Tea Compound

Organic tea based on glycolic acid and tannic acid

Octane Booster

Production of octane boosters ، Based on solvent and catalyst

injector Cleaner

Production of high quality injector Cleaner


Production of various types of zeolite with various industrial applications

Zeolite A4

Production of zeolite A4َ with high water absorption. For consumption in petrochemical units in methanol production unit and sweetening unit

Polycarbonate paper based on pvc for id card

Polycarbonate film production based on PVC that has a high printing capability with laser and inkjet printer machines. With the production of various types of smart cards and other industrial applications